Yorkshire Crafted Lavender Sachets – Home Sweet Home with Gingham Bows


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How amazing are these gorgeous hand crafted Lavender sachets, all created in the Yorkshire Dales?!

What better way to tour the Yorkshire Dales in your own caravan!  Each sachet is worded with ‘Home is Where We Pitch It’

Each sachet is partly filled with approximately 10g of beautiful French lavender from the fields of Provence, known for it’s highly fragrance and lasting properties.

The fragrance should last approximately 1-2 years by gently squeezing the lavender buds to enable the natural oils to disperse, or alternatively you can always put a few drops of essential oils onto the reverse of the fabric.

Dimensions – 12 x 12 cm (4.5″ x 4.5″)

*Due to the nature of each item being hand crafted, some detailing or embellishment may differ from the picture shown*